AM Yoga 4-7-20


We will focus on backbending as we move through an uplifting vinyasa flow sequence designed to increase prana in the body. We will also practice observing our breath, and engage in some simple pranayama, or ‘breath control’ exercises.

“Prana is an auto−energizing force. The in breath fans and fuses the two opposing elements of nature − fire and water − so that a new, bioelectrical energy, called prana, is produced. Prana neutralizes the fluctuations of the mind and acts as a springboard towards emancipation. Pranayama stores prana in the seven energy chambers, or chakras, of the spine, so it can be discharged as and when necessary to deal with the upheavals of life.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Teacher & Author

Ayur Yogas

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