Katonah® Yoga #2 with Chase Connolly


A class rooted in the fundamentals of Katonah® Yoga.

Chase Connolly
Chase came to yoga as a curious 8 year old practicing with his grandmother.

Driven by his interests in the intersections of movement, meditation, social justice, and philosophy, Chase has pursued practices including Ashtanga, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Restorative & Functional Movement, Katonah Yoga® as well as the philosophical study of Bhakti and Vedic spiritual practices, Taoism, and the Occult.

Chase has been teaching formally since 2007 and continually evolves his approach. Currently, his primary influences are his study of the Katonah Yoga® method coupled with his deep interest in Taoism, as the study of natural patterns. Within these containers, Chase feels we have the opportunity to explore the body as a series of natural patterns, thereby using something very practical and tangible to unlock the magical.

Chase believes that yoga can serve as a series of practical tools that should be demystified. Yoga is spiritual because life is spiritual. This approach offers an incredible pathway to transform and better your life, because the goal of yoga is to gain techniques to have a good life.

Chase’s classes are focused on finding patterns and geometry within the postures to gain insight, reorient yourself in time and space, and reclaim your power. Yoga is a system of wellbeing which by its nature asks us to do very “un-natural” practices to manipulate our perceptions of time and space. While the practice is meant to help you find your edges, you will also find new perspectives in the process, and change your chemistry.

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